segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

DCNS and Odebrecht awarded to build conventional-propulsion submarines for Brazilian Navy

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DCNS and Odebrecht awarded to build conventional-propulsion submarines for Brazilian Navy

16:14 GMT, December 26, 2008 DCNS has been awarded a major contract by the Brazilian Navy. The customer has entrusted DCNS with the design and construction of four Scorpene conventional-propulsion submarines under a technology transfer agreement, the technical assistance for the design and construction of the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine, and the support services for the construction of a naval base and a shipyard in Brazil. Regarding the nuclear submarine, the technical assistance provided by DCNS will be related to the non-nuclear part of the submarine, the Brazilian Navy being fully responsible for the nuclear plant.

The contract is part of a vast plan to renew and modernise the Brazilian Navy’s submarine fleet. It is also in line with the strategic cooperation agreement in defence signed in Rio de Janeiro today by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The contract will come into force following a comprehensive approval process in Brazil.

DCNS Chairman & CEO Jean-Marie Poimbœuf commented: “We welcome the decision by Brazil’s highest authorities in favour of DCNS and our Brazilian partner, the Odebrecht Group. This success confirms our capabilities as an overall prime contractor, as well as our technological and competitive standing on the international market. It also confirms our ability to establish partnerships to handle in-country project work, just as we have done in other countries around the world.”

DCNS will act as prime contractor for four conventional-propulsion submarines to be built by the Joint Venture that will be set up by DCNS and Brazilian partner Odebrecht. The submarines will be designed in cooperation with Brazilian teams under DCNS design authority to meet the Brazilian Navy’s specific needs: They will be ideally suited to the protection and defence of the country’s 8,500-kilometre coast. The first submarine is scheduled to enter active service in 2015.

DCNS will produce key advanced-technology equipment in its own plants.

DCNS will provide design assistance – under the Brazilian Navy’s design authority - for the non-nuclear part of the Navy’s first nuclear submarine, which will be built by the Joint Venture to be set up by DCNS and Odebrecht.

DCNS will provide prime contractor assistance to Odebrecht for the construction of the naval shipyard that will build the five submarines covered by today’s contract, as well as a naval base for the Brazilian Navy.

The strategic contract between Brazil and France covers also the development and the construction of a single nuclear-powered submarine.