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  1. Default Peru To Build 13 New Naval Vessels, Daewoo Modernizes Peruvian Shipyard

    It is a follow up to this thread, though the topic is more expansive so I decided to make a new thread.

    More news of the Peruvian naval program came to light with the February 2013 edition of Seapower Digital. The final joint production contract, tentatively valued at around $600 million, wiill involve 13 ships, comprised of two LPD, four OPVs, and six patrol boats of DSME designs, excluding Korean submarines that may be built by DSME for Peru in Korea at a later date. DSME will provide the ship designs while Samsung Thales will supply weapons and combat systems. DSME has began preparation to modernize the SIMA shipyard for the program, possibly with a submarine depot maintenance facility. Overall organization of the program is similar to what Korea has done with Indonesia in the past.

    Peru To Build 13 New Naval Vessels

    The Peruvian Ministry of Defense has signed a $300 million contract with Peru’s government shipyard SIMA for the construction of 13 naval vessels. The vessels will be built at SIMA’s main shipyard in Callao and small vessel facility at SIMA Iquitos. South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) and Samsung Thales are
    providing technical support.

    The 13 ships include two 7,000-ton logistic support ships, one sailtraining ship, four offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) and six coastal patrolboats. All of these vessels are believed to be of South Korean designs as DSME signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Peruvian government in April to build and modernize its naval vessels.

    The big question for Peru is if it can actually build all 13 vessels within the $300 million contract. While construction costs are relatively cheap in Peru when compared with Korea, a second cash infusion of up
    to $300 million may be needed to complete all 13 units as planned. The new patrol boats could begin delivering by 2014, the OPVs by 2016 and the first logistic support ship in 2018.

    Although new submarines were part of the original MoU, they were not part of this agreement as the submarines will have to be built in South Korea. SIMA Peru has never built submarines.
    Daewoo modernize Peruvian

    Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering of Korea (DSME) is said to proceeding modernization of largest shipyard in Peru, Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A. (SIMA), with the Peruvian government.

    SIMA was established in 1950 as a state-owned shipbuilding company (succeeding the Naval Factory founded in 1845) and is well known as a leading company specializing in building and repairs, targeting the Peruvian Navy and domestic/international shipowners.

    DSME is said to sign a contract soon on the modernization of the shipyard. Also, DSME is allegedly known to be considering the depot maintenance for submarine with the Peruvian government.
    This is the second major shipbuilding upgrade and naval modernization program that Korean shipbuilders are undertaking in the South American region. Hyundai has another such work going on in Brazil. It also ties in with the Peruvian KT-1 deal concluded recently.

  2. Daewoo OPV (with a hangar!) and AIP submarine at Euronaval 2012: