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The Submarine for the new era

The Swedish Government gave the GO AHEAD to the construction of

Kockums has been at the leading edge of technology for a long time. In marine engineering, this has been demonstrated by a long succession of innovations, particularly in the latest Gotland and Collins class submarines. Developments are foregoing ahead. The Viking submarine is the next generation.

Improved stealth technology
The Viking submarine is characterised by substantial investments made in stealth technology and further development of Kockums advanced modular construction technique.

The Combat Management System integrated in the newly developed weapon system will co-ordinate all sensor functions, weapon functions, the navigation system and the communication system.

Air independent propulsion
Improved AIP performance is one of the most significant developments that enables the submarine to complete her mission submerged for extreme periods of time, making her invaluable both in peacetime and in all possible conflict situations.

The Viking Class submarine
Technical data


Single pressure hull

Length over all

52 - 60 m


6.7 m


1100 - 1700 tonnes


Stirling Air Independent Propulsion


Multi-purpose homing torpedoes, cruise missiles, ASW torpedoes, mines and countermeasures

Submerged endurance

Up to 100% of mission time

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