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New Destroyer boosts Royal Navy

New Destroyer Boosts Royal Navy

(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Aug. 14, 2007)

Daring, the Royal Navy’s first Type 45 destroyer, has completed the first phase of its sea trials. (UK MoD photo)
The Royal Navy's newest and most sophisticated destroyer - to be called HMS Daring - has successfully completed demanding sea trials off the Scottish coast. Minister for the Armed Forces, Bob Ainsworth, said:

"The Type 45 is an immensely powerful state of the art destroyer that will provide a vital layer of protection from missile attack for the fleet.

"Daring's success at sea - when I gather she exceeded her design speed of 29 knots - is an excellent start to the intensive trials phase that will now begin as we bring her world-leading missile defence system into full operation.

"I have spoken to her crew and they are delighted with the capability of the ship and pleased with the high standard of accommodation on board."

A further five ships of this class are on order. One, Dauntless, was launched earlier this year and another, Diamond, is due to be launched in November.

BAE Systems is the prime contractor for the delivery of the first six Type 45 Destroyers. The ships are being assembled and launched from yards on the Clyde. VT at Portsmouth and BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions will both build and outfit substantial sections of the ships.


1. The class is to be known as the 'D' Class. HMS Daring, HMS Dauntless, HMS Diamond, HMS Dragon, HMS Defender and HMS Duncan have been announced as the names of the first six ships.

2. All ships will be equipped with the world-beating Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS), which is designed to deal with multiple attacks by anti-ship missiles. The ships will be powered by the WR21 Gas Turbine.

3. In line with the Government's Defence Industrial Strategy, MoD is working with industry to generate major changes in naval shipbuilding and ship support across the UK to ensure that the industry can continue to deliver first class equipment in the longer term.

4. Interesting facts:
-- The hull structure is made of 2800 tonnes of steel which is more that the weight of the Blackpool Tower. Approximately 40 tonnes of paint will have to applied to cover an area of 100,000 square meters of steel.
-- Each PAAMS air defence missile weighs almost as much as a small car and from launch accelerate to a speed twice that of Concorde in under 10 seconds. The missile's flight manoeuvres as it locks onto a target are so violent they are 10 times more severe than a human could withstand.
-- Her 152m length is equivalent to more than 16 double- decker buses and she is as high as an electricity pylon.
-- Her onboard power plant can supply enough electricity to light a town of 80,000 people.
-- Her fuel tanks have a volume equivalent to approximately half the volume of an Olympic swimming pool.
-- The ship's crew will enjoy much better onboard conditions than their predecessors - including IT access, 5-Channel recreational audio, and larger berths.
-- She contains 110 bunk beds, 26 sofa beds, 22 single beds and has her own hospital facilities complete with operating table. She is fitted with 1 bath, 44 showers, 54 toilets and 100 wash basins.
-- She has 404 phones (mainly internal) and is fitted with enough electrical cable to circle the M25 three times.

5. The main design features are:
-- Displacement: approx 7,500 tonnes, c. 5800 tonnes (light displacement)
-- Length: 152.4m
-- Max Beam: 21.2m
-- Speed: 29 knots
-- Range: 7000 nautical miles at 18 knots. Complement: approx. 190 (with space for 235) whilst providing significantly better accommodation standards than hitherto in destroyers/frigates.

6. Equipment selected includes:
-- The Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) with the BAE Insyte SAMPSON Multi-Functional Radar (MFR) (for surveillance and fire control) and the Thales S1850M Long Range Radar (LRR) for air/surface search
-- SYLVER launcher and combination of Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles
-- Other weapons systems include: Helo - launched STINGRAY Torpedoes;
-- 4.5" Mk 8 (Mod 1) Medium Calibre Gun system;
-- 30mm Small Calibre Gun system
-- Helicopter: 1 Westland Lynx MHA 3/8 or 1 Merlin EH101 HAS 1. (ends)

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